The following is the list of courses the group gives in the Bachelor and Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Cagliari

Geometric Algorithms and Spatial Data Structures (GAS)

The course is available only in English Knowledge and understanding:

  • Know the main algorithms used to solve problems modeled using simple tools of Euclidean geometry in the plane and space
  • Know what they are and how to use the data struct...

Human Computer Interaction (IUM)

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The course provides an introduction to the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) field and to the main aspects involved in the human interaction with different devices. The course provides the concepts and the knowledge for understanding the huma...

Programming 1 (PR)

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Understanding what programming a computer means
  • Know the taxonomy of the programming languages and understand why they are necessary for interacting with a computer
  • Know which are the tools used for programming
  • Understand which are the effect...

User Interface Technologies (UIT)

The course is available only in English

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The course provides the knowledge for understanding and exploiting different technologies for developing user interfaces, starting from the simplest ones (form-based on a single device) to the more...

Video Game Desing (VGD)

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Understand what designing a video game is like
  • Know the various types of video games that one can develop
  • Know the geometric foundations of computer graphics

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding:

  • Resolve exercises on topics dis...

Web Programming (FPW)

The course provides the student with the basic knowledge for the creating, understanding and designing web applications. The course introduces step-by-step the main technologies and problems in developing internet applications, starting from the HTTP protocol, to server-side...