Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Adaptive and Adaptable Systems: Differentiating and Integrating AI and EUD
Gerhard Fischer

Defining Trigger-Action Rules via Voice: a Novel Approach for End-User Development in the IoT
Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi De Russis

Democratizing Cybersecurity in Smart Environments: Investigating the Mental Models of Novices and Experts
Bernardo Breve, Giuseppe Desolda, Francesco Greco, Vincenzo Deufemia

EUD Strategy in the Education Field for Supporting Teachers in Creating Digital Courses
Stefano Valtolina, Ricardo Anibal Matamoros

End-User Development for Artificial Intelligence: A Systematic Literature Review
Andrea Esposito, Miriana Calvano, Antonio Curci, Giuseppe Desolda, Rosa Lanzilotti, Claudia Lorusso, Antonio Piccinno

Exploring visual languages for prototyping interactive behaviors for Tangible VR
Andrea Bellucci, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo

Human-AI Co-Creation: Evaluating the Impact of Large-scale Text-to-Image Generative Models on the Creative Process
Tommaso Turchi, Silvio Carta, Luciano Ambrosini, Alessio Malizia

Language and Temporal Aspects: A Qualitative Study on Trigger Interpretation in Trigger-Action Rules
Margherita Andrao, Massimo Zancanaro, Barbara Treccani

On the User Perception of Security Risks of Trigger-Action Rules: A User Study
Bernardo Breve, Gaetano Cimino, Giuseppe Desolda, Vincenzo Deufemia, Annunziata Elefante

Programming with Minecraft Bedrock Up: Modeling, Coding, and Computational Concepts
Anders Mørch, Renate Andersen

Understanding Concepts, Methods and Tools for EndUser Control of Automations in Ecosystems of Smart Objects and Services
Fabiana Vernero, Massimo Zancanaro, Margherita Andrao, Fabrizio Balducci, Federica Cena, Giuseppe Desolda, Cristina Gena, Maristella Matera, Andrea Mattioli, Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro, Barbara Treccani, Bernardo Breve, Vincenzo Deufemia.

Understanding User Needs in Smart Homes and How to Fulfil Them
Andrea Mattioli, Fabio Paternò

Short Papers

Challenges of Enabling End-Users to Use AI in End-User Development
Daniel Tetteroo

ConnectivityControl: Providing Smart Home Users with Real Privacy Configuration Options
Sebastian Feger, Maximiliane Windl, Jesse Grootjen, Albrecht Schmidt

Designing for a Sustainable Digital Transformation: The DEA Methodology
Barbara Rita Barricelli, Daniela Fogli, Angela Locoro

How End Users Develop Point-and-Click Games
Valentino Artizzu, Ivan Blecic, Vittoria Frau, Lucio Davide Spano

Leveraging Large Language Models for End User Website Generation
Tommaso Calo, Luigi De Russis